The macho Line (Part2)

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    Thursday, June 29, 2017

    The macho Line (Part2)

    The car a man drives equally says a lot about him. From the car you drive people can size you up and tell the kind of person you are. This is especially true with women who usually do quick assessment of your suitability for them just by giving your call a quick mental drill. If you still Dont know this about women, you are yet to understand anything about them😃

    SOME women in this world are able to read palms and tell
    you your future. Some are able to look at the stars and tell you what's coming for your life. And some are able to assess your material possessions - like your car - and tell what kind of personality you have and what's your relationship potential.
    What can a man's car tell about him? A drive on the roads will expose you to men sporting all types of vehicles, from the high-end to the barely-making-it. Does this say anything about his potential as a suitor?
    Is there a link between the type of car a man drives and his attractiveness? Is a man's car tied to his sense of identity? Below, women tell:

    Emily, 28:
    For me, a bright or bold colour like red says that my man likes adventure and is a risk taker. It says to me that he likes to make a statement when he goes out and I don't have a problem with that.

    Rosheeda, 30:
    A man who has a luxury vehicle like an Audi or a BMW is definitely making a statement about his taste. Just from the car alone you can tell that he values quality in everything, including his woman.

    Monique, 31:
    A man with a sports car with only two seats and a spoiler on the bumper clearly thinks he is still a young man. At my age I cannot deal with that. Right now I'm thinking children and by default, minivan. I know it's not glamorous but that is just the phase I'm in right now. Maybe when I was a younger I would go for a guy with a sports car.

    Jessica, 26:
    I know some guys will go broke just to put flashy rims on their ride. Whatever suits them! I don't mind a flashy guy just as long as he is also willing to spend on me when the time comes.

    Tolani, 27:
    For me, a sunroof is a good sign. It means that he doesn't mind the sun on his skin while taking in some fresh air!
    I'm a girl who likes men with cars with a leather interior. The firmness and the finish, that's what I love. If you have the money to go all out, for me the quality of a man's ride translates into the type of women he likes.

    Shola 27:
    I'm an outdoors type of chick and so I like when my man has a pickup truck. Yeah, a car can get you around in the week, however, when the weekend comes, you're at a loss as to where to put the cooler.
    Amanda, 26:
    I'm a girl who knows her engines. My dad taught my brother and me about cars. So when a man says he's interested, unless his car has in an at least 150-horse power engine, you nah catch me with him.

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