All you need to know about the strange number that called Mercy Jonhson yesterday (Details)

So Nollywood A-list actress and mother of three, Princess Mercy Johnson-Okojie raised an alerm yesterday about a strange number that called her!

According to the SSA to Kogi state Governor on Entertainment, who has already alerted the Nigerian Police, she heard “hideout clear,, do we kill them”, before getting insulting text messages from the number.She wrote:

Something is not right about this called me and said "hideout clear,, do we kill them".and when I spoke, the call cut quickly, I call back and the person begins to insult me via Text..I am certain all isn't well..@ngpolice @efccPlease repost fnds.

Am certain cus I engaged the person by replying to see if he or she would say something but No..

it was just normal rude insults so I could tell the person is trying to ward me off and make me think he or she is just not a fan.

Its not Me ,Maybe someone or some people are in danger and he mistakenly called my line to communicate

.Well, we dug deep into the issue to bring you all you need to know  about the strange number.

According to sources at the service provider of the line (09033510799);

The line was registered in Imo state with the first name, OBINNA, and the person who registered the line lives around Area A, world bank, Owerri Municipal, Owerri Imo state. And this registration was updated two months ago.

Due to some legal reasons, we will not write down the complete names and other details here. We pray proper investigation is done and if the culprit is found guilty of anycrime, they should be brought to book.


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