Check Out This Special Vehicle WhichCosts about N3 Billion (Photos)

Check Out This Special Vehicle WhichCosts about N3 Billion (Photos)

The Bonhams Auction that took place in Los Angeles, United States of America recently saw off the 1914 Peugeot L45 Grand Prix Two-Seater for $7.26 million (N2.7 Billion).

The automobile participated in the 1916 Indianapolis 500Mile Race, and it finished in the third position ahead of other automobiles in the race with Ralph Mulford at the wheel.

This automobile, along with several others made by the French automaker, called the shot in motorsports all through the early 1900s.

A similar car to the 1914 Peugeot L45 bore Jules Goux to victory at the Indianapolis endurance race in 1913.

The initial engine in the L45 Grand Prix Two-Seater race car was a 3.0-liter engine but was later replaced with a 4.5-liter 4-cylinder engine bearing four valves per cylinder and dual overhead camshafts, able to generate up to 112hp at 2,800 rpm.

Furthermore, the ancient racecar features mechanical drum brakes at its four corners, as well as live front & rareaxles and semi-elliptical leaf spring suspension.See more photos:

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