Bobrisky and Jacob - How fame and MC Galaxy tore duo apart

Bobrisky and Jacob - How fame and MC Galaxy tore duo apart

MC Galaxy tore Nigeria's most hilarious duo apart

It's no news that Bobrisky and his famous gate-man,Jacob have fallen out. And Bobrisky was quick to cry foul,alleging his once very loyal Jacob conned him of N60K after lying about his father's health.

Honestly, I saw this coming from a mile away.Not Jacob allegedly swindling his master of cash,but Jacob suddenly wanting MORE.

I'm not sure Bobrisky initially intented to make Jacob famous.It all started out as a strategy to brag ''Hey guys, I have a gateman at my beck and call''.

However, Jacob's infectious nature wasn't hard to miss and people fell inlove with his character and once Bobrisky noticed that, he started to milk this unlikely new star who is loved by many,his HATERS included .

Recently, Bobrisky decided to spice up his paid video promotions by including Jacob who ended up taking the shine.Of course, Bobrisky was paid to dance to those tracks.

Deep down,Jacob may not have been comfortable with his boss's personal choices but had no choice but to play along.

MC Galaxy,inspired by Jacob , recorded a track called ''Jacorb Dance'' which many agree is a hit.He even posed with Jacob and vowed to help him. Jacob  is featured in the video too.

There lies BOBRISKY's problem.Bobrisky loves being the center of attention and this video did not include him.

In Bobrisky's rants, he kept emphasizing about someone promising to give Jacob N2million...

Guess who did? MC Galaxy

He wrote yesterday ...

So guys I came back from Miami 2 days ago and people told me JACOB can't even work on the road again lol ,, So I think its time to Bless him , now I have a budget of 2million naira for Jacob 👏. So I need you guys to advice me on what to do for him with 2million naira

Isn't it coincidental that Bobrisky suddenly raised alarm about N60k after this post ?It's obvious Jacob decided to leave Bobrisky ,not the other way round .

In an effort at damage control,Bobrisky made it clear ,Jacob knows nothing personal about him..Just incase Jacob starts to spill the beans...

Well,while Jacob has Bobrisky to thank for making him an overnight internet sensation,Bobrisky should realize, Jacob has tasted fame and we all know it's intoxicating ....  

With Jacob now under MC Galaxy's wings,let's hopethe musician keeps to his words and has a meaningful impact in his life .

As he said ,Jacob is nomore a gateman .I agree. .m
And oh,Bobrisky has already replaced Jacob with a new gateman,Titus.. (who was introduced to Bobrisky by Jacob).He says we should watch out for him in 3months ..

We are watching.!

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