Davido's concert attendee leaves bad review

Davido's concert attendee leaves bad review

A Nigerian man has taken to Instagram to express his displeasure after splashing N50k on a Davido concert ticket and not enjoying his experience .Victornj123 wrote ..

Didn't really enjoy the 30Billion Concert of Davido mhen!! ItStarted from the Nigerian/African time factor, the Concert was to start by 7pm, but they started at 10:30pm. Fans struggled hard to enter the Auditorium, by pushing themselves violently due to bad coordination of the organizers.

Their was no real difference between VIP and VVip & the"Regulars", bcos the "regulars" eventually covered the walk ways, they came to stand right in front of we the vvips and vips, Myself and friends had to walk some little guys and girls out of our sights & I can go on and on.They stood and covered sights, which prompted the VVips & Vips to stand on their chairs, Just to catch a Glimpse of the show. Fans like myself were left to watch the screens as I didn't feel like standing on chairs, Like - I was decently dressed to stand on chairs.

At some point, Most of the people/fans who paid for "tables", had to standup too, to watch the show properly.Regulars covered the whole place, it was less than what I expected.

Abuja shows ain't like that, I was decently dressed for the show but it was more like a mess, The"upcoming artistes" took a larger part of the show, but I canunderstand and endure that!!. Hmm, heat and bad smell everywhere too.Lest I forget, @official2baba came on stage drunk, @davidoofficial had to prostrate for him, to "stylishly discharge" him.

Mo-hit reconciliation performance was themain catch of the show. I won't be going for another lagos concert anytime soon, I'm dissappointed. Abuja shows seems OK to me.

My large screen TV and travels seems more Fun!! #30billionconcert #Davido #TheEnd!! @davidoofficial 👇🏾👇🏾👇

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