Mzvee Talks Her Perfect Man

Mzvee Talks Her Perfect Man

There are a lot of considerations one has to make when choosing their perfect man for marriage. What’s important though to remember is that everyone has their own priorities.

Some might put emphasis on love but for dancehall songstress Mzvee, its all about the ‘mulah’.

The singer was recently interviewed by Naa Ashorkor, who is also settling in into her new position at Multimedia.

Asked about what her criteria is for the perfect husband, Mzvee quoted Davido and said the man must have 30billionin his account.

If he has the 30bn, who cares about character?“

He should be perfect and should have thirty billion in his account.

If he has money character doesn’t really matter,” she told Naa Ashorkor.She added that the man should be “tall, fair and well built

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