Two Gays ‘Caught’ Having S*x And Assaulted By Mob In Ghana

Two Gays ‘Caught’ Having S*x And Assaulted By Mob In Ghana

When proponents for legalization of homos*xuality talk some Ghanaians would dishonestly say that nobody is infringing on the rights of homos*xuals therefore there is noneed for it to be legalized.

Yet two gay people reportedly having s*x had some people just barge in on them and start assaulting them simply for the fact that they aregay.

So long as this would not happen to any heteros*xual couple who can be assaulted whilst privately doing their own thing simply for the fact that they are sleeping with theopposite s*x, there is a hatred of gay people in Ghana whichthe government has to legalize against.

Whilst they assault one of the two ‘caught’, they mock their s*xuality whilst happily laughing about – infringing upon someone’s human rights and casually laughing about it.

Mob justice takes more forms than one and anyone who has condemned it in the past must condemn these actions too.

But as usual hypocritical Ghanaians would remain mute or support this one simply because the victim is someone they hate as well.

Selective outrage and hypocrisy is what that’s called, and unfortunately for Ghana its our regular way of life.

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