Abandoned tiny baby rescued under banana tree

A tiny baby boy has been rescued after he was found abandoned under a banana tree on Christmas Day.

Shocking footage shows the moment passerby Aping Ping, 21, found the newborn in a wooded area of a park.According to Mailonline,he heard the baby's cries through the trees before finding him wrapped in blankets and dumped on the ground.

Aping scooped up the child and rushed him to the Mai Rimdistrict hospital in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.The boy was then treated for a chest infection while the authorities tried to trace his parents

.Aping said:'My brother and I found a small baby that was abandoned under the banana tree on the 25th last month.

He was about two or three days old.'We sent the baby to the hospital and he was put in ICU. Herecovered from an infection and he's safe. I think he is in everybody's heart.

'I really hope the boy's family, whoever left him, can know what's happened. I believe the baby canhave a bright future. His parents are the best people for that.

'Even though this was a cruel thing to do they should get to their child and make things right.

'The authorities have still been unable to trace the infant's family and he has been passed to an orphanage, where he will go through the system and be put up for adoption.

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