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Good Day my Fellow Ladies , “Ghana weaving styles” & “Ghana weaving braids” let’s Discuss “FASHION” here is the 2018 –  Ghana – Weaving – Braids – Hairstyle which i know everybody will Like . the “2018 : Ghana Weaving Braids Hairstyle” is not exclusive to Vivian Gist Nigeria , Rather is the mass Collection of the Ghana Weaving Beautiful Braids Hairstyle that i saw in Many websites in this 2018 and i guess you will Like that , check below and share.

Latest 2018 : Ghana Weaving Braids Hairstyle

There’s rarely any time to relax, many times the weekend is packed filled with one activity or the other, from hanging out with your girls to attending your girlfriends baby shower, bridal shower or proper wedding ceremony. Then there’s the lunch date with bea or brunch with your immediate family etc the list goes on. Sadly the activities are so much that before you know it you are stuck with the question “What do I do with my hair?”

So if you are stuck and you have no clue whatsoever on what to do with your hair, simply scroll down to find possible hairstyle choices for the weekend

Everyone loves bob and wants to try it, so I recommend you try an ombre bob. Instead of a plain color get your stylist to dye the ends of your weave in any lovely color of your chosen.

Ombre Bob

Try a short bob faux locks as opposed to the lengthier and fuller version. This version is free and allows air properly into your scalp.

Faux Locks

Try something exciting with your natural hair, like this patewo (clap) or as the English would call it, the Mohawk hairstyle. You can use a weave attachment or you can use your natural hair if its long and full.


If you’ve never tried massive twist braids then I think you should give it a try, plus the weather is perfect for any braid hairstyle.

Big Twist braids

If your dreadlocks are natural then its time to try out a stylish look. Head to your stylist to try this twist and twirl hairstyle for locks.

Twirt and Twist Dread Locks

If you are tired or box braids, buns, twist outs, pony tails and you just want something simple then try he duchess braids. Add some rings to your hair as a style detail.

Dutch Braids

If you want a unique style, something you wouldn’t see everywhere then the half braid, half weave hairstyle is the best choice.

Cornrows and Weaves

Your braids don’t have to be too full and heavy, try the thin braids and use a golden brown attachment for a chic finish.

Small box Braids

From big twist braids to faux locks to dread locks twist and twirls, there is definitely something for you, no matter the length or nature of your hair.

Alternative to pulling and tugging your hair when trying to style it is braids, braids are as delectable as they are stylish and elegant, unlike many other hairstyle they are not seasonal, any season would work just fine. The style for the new year is the Million Braids now the difference between this and any other type of braids is the size hence the name million braids. The million braids are really tiny and they are twisted usually this hairstyle takes a lot of time but unlike the larger version they last longer.

There are different expectation when we want to make our hair and one thing that’s really important to note is the fact that the million braid hairstyle suits anybody so there is no need to become a worry wort over that fact. As is any braids hairstyle there you should expect a bit of pain that at most would last 3 days after which it would be time to begin styling.

If you are one of those people that are afraid of loosing your edges then you must remember to take good care to treat them every day or every two days using a sheer butter, a bit of honey, a bit of coconut oil and castor oil mix, this is so your edges would not be left bald. Also make sure that you get your braids done at the hands of a professional and if the braids feel too tight then simply loosen them at the hairline so it  they won’t pull off your hair. As opposed to having a weave on your hair, the million braids or any braids as a matter of fact lets in a lot of air, so that means rather than having a sweaty and itchy scalp you are able to let loose and let the natural breeze dry your sweaty scalp.

Note; For the million braids to last much longer make sure to wash, dry and moisturize at most every two weeks. Here some pretty examples of the million braids for when you head out to the saloon.


Pulled Back



I hope you all are psyche enough to bravely make the million braids your first or second hairstyle for the new year.

Light braid in general serve as a protective hairstyle at this period but the hairstyle to carry at this point would be the African braids or as many of us know it “the Ghana braids”. This hairstyle is simple, its light and it allows air to sip into our scalp better than when we have on weave.

Here are some fabulous looking African braid hairstyles that you can attempt this season.

The tiny leads to big rows African braids seem to be coming back into the light, this tiny colums lead to the construction of a much bigger hair do.


This is a curved row African braids rather than the corn rows, the difference is the curves.

Big Braids

Tiny Forms


I love this double bun look, its called shuku in the local Nigerian dialect.

Two Buns




This is my favorite African braids or Ghana weaving hairstyle , the shuku or single updo bun.


This in the local dialect is called patewo or clap your hands because it encloses like a closed hand. Although this particular African braids hairstyles come with a twist.


The goddess braids come in different forms shape and sizes like the milk, the halo etc. This hairdo involves large cornrow braids twisted, twirled or turned into buns, sometimes they involve smaller and larger styled braids. The pro’s of this hairdo is certainly more than the cons(if there are any con’s at all), the pro’s include,

It is a versatile hairstyle that protects against environmental elements that can damage the hair.It can be worn anywhere and for any allows the hair to rest and retains moisture and softens the hair because of the routine care it receives.It maintains and promotes the health of the  hair.

Things You Need:

Eco styling Gel or any good gel.Kanekelon jumbo braids Extension (for volume).Salon bobby pins.Scissors, large tooth comb, styling brush, no-damage elastic, fine tail comb, shampoo.Sprout leave in-conditioner.


Start by washing your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner.Condition and detangle the hair.Add leave in conditioner to de-tame the frizz, visualize the style you want then create a part that you like.Braid one side of the part you’ve created and fasten with a clip, then do the same to the other.Fasten both ends with a clipFinish off with the styling gel.

Goddess Braids Styles.

3 Layered Halo

Unique Touch


Side Part Halo

Loose 2 braided style

Halo Goddess Braids


Decide to maintain a simple cornrow braid by taking it all  to the back without too many stylish cuts, parts. you could make it in simple zig zags or part it a little to the side if taking it all back wouldn’t suite the shape of your face




Add twists and turns  to your cornrow braid for a different finish, you could also add some wooden beads to make it more African but still keep it simple. The longer a simple  braid is the better.

you could also style it up in a way you could  wrap it up into a bun at the top.





Take it the cornrow braid a notch by adding complicated twists, you could also bring the braids to the middle or bring the excess to the front and wrap up like the styles below, anything to make it stand out.




Colors make the cornrow braid pop, instead of the proverbial black you could spice it up and give it a spark by using or adding other colors like wine, purple or gold. 




Afro is definitely a retro look so you could braid it all up to the middle and add an afro weave behind.

Here’s a simple cornrow braid hairstyle tutorial you can do yourself or get your sister’s, neighbor or cousin to do for you.

Ghana weaving is a trendy hairstyle women have been rocking for a while now. If you haven’t by now them most likely you haven’t see our list yet.

Just as the name implies, Ghana weaving originates from Ghana and is only slightly different from your regular corn rows.

There are several ways you can rock your Ghana weaving, from a simple all-back style , to a stylish shuku and much more.

As the festive seasons draw nearer and you plan for the hairstyles to rock with the season, these are 10 styles you should consider

1. Ghana weaving can be done with any colour of hair extension of your choice

2. A stylish shuku (up-do) Ghana weaving

3. Get creative with your styles

4. Would you try this look too?

5. The bigger the better

6. This style is trending, you should try it too

7. Another shuku style to stand you out

8. Lovely

9. A clssy double bun style with Ghana weaving

10. This is simply stunning

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