Man Marries Lady Impregnated By Another Man (Photos)

Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to share story of his friend who was forced into marrying his girlfriend who was pregnant for another man.

According to him, the man was even forced by the girl’s family to do some fetish sacrifices after the marriage.

The Twitter user wrote;

“A friend got married last year to the pregnant girlfriend not knowing the pregnancy wasn’t for him. The girls parents were aware the husband was not responsible for the pregnancy #scandal. The man is being pressured to perform some rituals to cleanse”

He continued;

“They met on July 22 last year and the pregnancy EDD in January 2018. Gestation period is 9 months. She was months pregnant before they met and she still package the pregnancy for the guy. This world is wicked”

The lady has also been in constant communication with the real father of her unborn child while married to the man.

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