Mr 2.Kay replies Shina Peller

Since the shocking revelation of Burna Boy’s involvement in the robbery attack on Mr. 2Kay in his hotel room after a music concert in Lagos,  it was revealed that in the course of the robbery, the arrested suspects carted away valuables worth millions of naira, including a gold plated wristwatch worth nine million naira, which generated mixed reactions from the public.

Many believed the price tag attached to the wristwatch was outrageous and a conscious scheme by Mr. 2Kay, calculated at enriching himself, while others felt that as an established artiste withhit songs, he is worth having a wristwatch that expensive.

Shina Peller, CEO of Quilox, declared in an interview with HIPTV that Mr. 2Kay wasn’t rich enough to possess such an expensive accessory, but surprisingly, in a one-on-one with Vanguard's Showtime, Mr. 2Kay confirmed that he bears no grudge against Shina Peller for looking down on him.“I feel nothing about it because I’m blessed; everybody is entitled to their own opinion so what he said is his own opinion, I have nothing against him and I don’t care because I’m blessed by the grace of God.”

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