Twitter unverifies user after spat with Chrissy Teigen

Twitter unverifies user after spat with Chrissy Teigen

A right-wing conspiracy theorist has been stripped of her Twitter verification after she posted photos of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's daughter and accused them of being part of a celebrity pedophile ring.

Liz Crokin, who has 50,000 Twitter followers and says she is an investigative journalist, posted the photos last week of 20-month-old Luna dressed in various costumes including a pineapple, hotdog and Alice in Wonderland.

According to Mailonline, Crokin also pointed out that Teigen had used a pizza emoji on one of her Snapchat photos of her daughter, linking her to the Pizzagate conspiracy theory that claimed Hillary Clinton was using a Washington pizza restaurant to run a child sex trafficking ring.

An outraged Teigen took to social media on Saturday to share screenshots of some of Crokin's tweets and to slam Twitter for verifying the alt-right user's account.

After a series of fiery tweets from Teigen and her husband John Legend - including some that threatened legal action - a disgruntled Crokin revealed on Saturday night that Twitter had removed her coveted blue verification tick.

'Twitter just unverified my account thanks to @chrissyteigen. That's OK cuz I care more about saving kids than I do about a blue checkmark!' Crokin tweeted

.Teigen responded to the news by tweeting: 'Praise the Twitter lords.

''1000 people will tell you not to give them attention, to ignore it, who cares they're crazy, etc.

Don't ignore it. Tired of letting these people get away with this s**t. Thank you, @Twitter.'

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