How Illuminati Killed Ebony Reigns – Ghanaian Evangelist

How Illuminati Killed Ebony Reigns – Ghanaian Evangelist

There have been many prophets and pastors claiming they saw the death of Ebony coming and many have been also telling different stories of the cause of her death.

And now Evangelist Emmanuel Addai has break silence on the death of Ebony and it’s cause.

According to the Evangelist was into the worlds famous society Illuminati and was really in a serious campaign for the Freemasonry group with her music and her style of dressing.

Using numbers to buttress his argument, Evangelist Addai likened Ebony death to late Suzy Williams who also dead through a similar incident.

Evangelist Emmanuel Addai was clear that Ebony’s death is purely caused by her involvement in illuminism and was being used as an agent of Satan.

He revealed…

“Suzy Williams died on Thursday, Ebony died on Thursday. Both deaths are similar which were caused by illumination.”
“They killed Ebony to give way to another lady to take over.”
Evangelist Addai further backed his argument with some drawings.

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