The World’s Largest And Biggest Bra Up For Sale (Photos)

The World’s Largest And Biggest Bra Up For Sale (Photos)

The lucky winner of the auction probably shouldn’t expect to wear it though, as the bra is a size 1360B and weighs a whopping 90kg.

Created in 2011 to help raise awareness for Wear It Pk Day, a fundraising day for the charity Breast Cancer Now, the florescent bra has been proudly modelled by buildings in the past.

It is made up of an incredible 270 metres of material, with a bust measurement of 29.6m.
It’s made up of 270 metres of material and weighs 90kg (Picture:

Bidding starts at £5000, and if you win the auction, you’ll not only receive the bra, but also the Guinness World Record certificate confirming it is the largest ever.

However, you’ll have to think about how you would display it, because the large metal frame is sadly not included.

The bra is being sold by events company, who will donate the money raised from its sale to Breast Cancer Care

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