The fall of Udua Nyomebe (market)

So I decided to visit grandma coz I've missed her.

Every Saturday used to be Udua Nyomebe (market day)
But grandma wasn't making any market plans so I asked her about the market day.

She told me there was no more market..

Once upon a time in Ikot Effanga in Akpabuyo local government area of Cross river state,
The youths had gathered to decide on the way forward as life was getting tougher and tougher, a youth said it was spiritual and that every witch should be killed.
So the youths propounded a theory of witchcraft.

"if none of your kids or grandkids are successful then you are practicing witchcraft."

These theory made the youths go from house to house to bring out old people whose kids were not successful.
They gathered these people and set them ablaze,
The ones who weren't set ablaze fled for their lives.

And most of them were traders in the Udua Nyomebe (market) since then they are yet to return to Akpabuyo.
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