The main reason why Ebony was buried in a black coffin

The main reason why Ebony was buried in a black coffin


Late Ebony Reigns was buried in a black coffin…this got people thinking as to why black was used since it’s quite unusual.

Ebony Laid to rest

Well, Dr. Lawrence Tetteh was the one who bought the coffin and this is what he has to say about the choice of color.

Dr. Lawrence Tetteh speaking to Adom TV in an interview disclosed that, although he paid for the casket, he never knew the family had settled for a black one.

According to him, he went with Ebony’s father, mom, and other family members to buy the casket and he gave him the choice to chose the one he wanted since she was his daughter. He revealed that the colour the late Ebony’s dad initially chose wasn’t black but something different from what we saw, so he just paid for the money.

The UK based Evangelist admitted in the interview that, he wasn’t happy with the choice of colour Mr. Kwarteng settled on but because she was his father, he just felt, perhaps he made the best decision.

Dr. Tetteh and Ebony

He said that Mr. Kwarteng told him that he had a change of mind when he was going to pick up the coffin and loved the black color, that’s why he settled for it.

“I went with late Ebony’s father, mom and other family members, and I was only paying for the casket, so I asked them to make their own choice because it was their daughter who had died. They settled for a particular one but it was not a black one like we saw at the funeral”

“It was the father’s choice, when they were going for the body, I wasn’t around and to be honest I wasn’t happy and I told him that, since all my life as a man, I have never seen a black coffin before but he told me, it loved the black one but I can understand him, it was his daughter”—Dr.Lawrence told the host

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