Thunder and lightning

Thunder and lightning

Grandpa was a consultant for the gods of the old religion,
People came to him for Goodluck, solution to problems amongst others.

One day he had gone to the forest to get herbs that couldn't be found nearby,

Suddenly it started to rain.
I came out of the house with buckets and basins, I had started placing them in a line when I saw lightening coming straight from the sky, I didn't wanna run into it, so I stood still so it can pass. It landed right by my foot and created a path through the bushes  like someone was using a cutlass to make a walking path.

I threw away the last basin and ran inside, just as I banged the door,
There came  lightning  which headed straight into the pear tree in front of our house.
Instantly the tree became ashes.
Everything turned black including the leafs that were green a minute ago.

Grandpa came back after the rain, saw what had happened and sort to know what happened to the tree and why.

Through his old religion means he told us someone had sent the thunder to kill him.


There are men called the rain makers in our village, whenever you are to have a ceremony, you pay these men, so they don't allow rain to spoil your ceremony.
Grandpa wasn't among the rain makers, but he had his ways too.

His friend had come to him that he had no money to pay the rain makers but needed grandpa to help him.

I had accompanied grandpa on that day to the ceremony,
Soon it started to rain.
Grandpa had come with items to make the rain stop.

He quickly went to the road, put on his lantern, folded the fresh palm leafs and place it on top of the lantern, picked up a white chalk and did some writings on the floor. He then picked the lantern and began to walk round the house of the ceremony, soon the rain went away.

This grandpa's action of kindness had made him enemies with the rain makers and so they had sent the lightning  to come strike him but he wasn't home so it struck our pear tree

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