7 Things I Learnt From Bill Cosby’s Ordeal & Conviction

The 80-year-old former star of the The Cosby Show, and a man whose success as a black entertainer was in some ways as significant as that represented by Barack Obama in the sphere of politics, was found guilty by a jury near Philadelphia of all three counts of sexual assault.

As the decision was announced, there were shrieks in the court from some of the women who had accused him of molesting or assaulting them and whose voices had for years been ignored or disbelieved.

1. As a man if you want to be successful in life onething you should never think about is “women”. If I should start naming the number of successful men that were brought down by women over the years I won’t sleep this night. If you want to be successful and at the same time enjoy the benefits never make women your priority in life.

2. Playboys.. I’m not trying to convince anybody not to be a playoboy but I want you to understand that if you’re a playboy, keep playing on but there will be a time you gonna play into the wrong lady and you’ll regret ever being a playboy when you get accused of rape, sexual harassment or whatever because if you play into wrong hands they’ll make sure you get nabbed in anyway possible whether through lies or truths.

3. As man, whether young or old never be alone with a lady who’s not your wife because one day you’ll regret it when the consequences begin showing.

I’m not trying to persuade anybody from getting married but after getting married, young man or old man stick to your wife, you may be going out successfully but in a particular time when you patronize the wrong person, your hard earned legacy will be erased by mere allegations that can’t be proven.

Never have sex with a lady without her consent. I understand that even if some ladies give you consent they might still turn around to accuse you falsely but even so, if a lady says no my brother respect that no! forget about all the money you’ve spent on her.
The money spent isn’t worth your career, reputation and legacy!

6. Travelling to white countries..As a black man if you travel to a white majority country be careful about everything you’re doing.

7. Whenever you’re alone with a lady ,record your conversation. You may not take this seriously but trust me it’ll help if the lady back-turn and decides to accuse you of anything falsely.

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