How To Sell ITunes Gift Cards In Nigeria At Best Rates

How to Sell iTunes Gift Cards in Nigeria at best rates

You want to learn how to itunes and amazon gift cards in Nigeria at best rates. Well, it’s not all that surprising, considering the fact that the gift card industry is projected to reach $160 Billion before the end of 2018. That’s right, there is money to be made.

Gift card is fast becoming an “in-thing” across the globe. Unlike five years ago when $1 Billion worth of Gift Card went unused, people have figured out ways of making money by trading these unused gift cards. And Nigerians being one of the most enterprising people on the planet, don’t intend to be left behind when it comes to selling itunes gift cards and others.

Hence, this article describes everything you need to know to sell gift cards for naira in Nigeria. You are about to find out how to make a lot of money from trading gift cards. More importantly, I’ll teach you how to make money by selling gift cards to IGC Trader at a great rate. However, for the sake of the noobies, we’ll start with the basics;

What are Gift Cards?

Also known as gift certificate, gift voucher or gift token, gift cards are prepaid stored-value money card that a retailer (electronic stores, grocery stores, department stores, etc.) or bank issues as an alternative to cash.

It can only be used to make purchases within a particular store or related business. The purpose is simple, to inspire loyalty among customers by getting them to return to the store.

The most popular gift cards out there include;




Best Buy


Apple Store Gift Cards

Now that you have an idea of what gift cards are all about, you have to be wondering how to make money from them. It’s pretty simple, buy and sell gift cards in Nigeria. Now you are thinking, how exactly does this work? Let’s jump right in.

How You Can Buy and Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria

There are different methods that makes it easier to trade gift cards in Nigeria. Some of them are outlined below.

Buy During the Holidays

It’s always easier to buy gift cards towards the end of the year. This is the period when people shop for christmas and business owners such as Amazon and Walmarts try to take advantage of this by giving their gift cards away for free or at a discount. As said earlier, the goal is to create brand loyalty.

If you can get it directly from the business/ store owners, that’s great. However, if you can’t get your gift card directly from Amazon, Apple or Walmart, simpy purchase it from those who did for a cheap price. Just make sure you buy during the holidays.

Never Buy at the Real Value

What does this mean, you ask? It implies that, if you are buying gift card from a customer, you must not pay the exact value of the gift card. In order to increase your price margin, consider buying at 50 to 80 percent of the card’s value.

The truth is, most people would rather sell gift cards at that rate rather than see it go to waste. At the end of the day, everybody wins.

Do not Buy Gift Cards With Low Value

To be more specific, do not buy gift cards whose value is equal to $30 or lower. Apart from the difficulty in selling low valued gift cards, these cards don’t do much to help your price margin. That means, you won’t be making so much profit from these cards.

Be Smart

This seems to be the universal law of any business venture. However, it is exceptionally true if you want to buy and sell gift cards in Nigeria. You need to know how to track down people that would be willing to sell their gift cards.

Consider taking advantage of social media platforms such as, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. You can also advertise on blogs.

Sell iTunes Gift Cards and Others

Now that you have managed to buy gift cards at a lower value, what do you do with then? Six words; sell gift cards to IGC Trader. There are many individuals (and companies) out there offering this exact service. The trick is to find the right one that’ll offer you a great rate for your cards and will not rip you off your gift cards. More importantly, you need to sell your itunes gift cards and amazon to someone you can trust.

This is where IGCTrader comes in, we understand that the business is all about trust. As such, this is exactly what we offer. We offer a service you can absolutely trust. Furthermore, we buy and sell gift cards at a great rate. 

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