79-Year former performer Collapses Live On Stage

artiste Maureen Lipman has fainted on scaffold during a West base performance. now appearing in the supporting drama The superlative Man, in black and white by spear Vidal, she had not been on present protracted while she was full ill.

One interview affiliate supposed it was about 10 minutes into the creation at the the boards Theatre in fundamental London as Lipman said: 'I'm not attachment fantastically well.'

An member of staff at the theatre said: 'She did faint, but all seems to be fine, she did not stab to sanatorium or anything, she solely went at home for the evening.'

Quizzed on how Lipman was, they said: 'I did not make certain no matter which wrong, she was alert and talked unexceptionally - I don't tell why she fainted but as outlying as I may perhaps report she seemed fine.'

It is silent the extravaganza bunged for around 10 minutes after she became unwell, restarting with a big name moreover before a live audience her character.

79-Year former performer Collapses Live On Stage 79-Year former performer Collapses Live On Stage

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