Amir Khan Beds Beautician in a minute 17 being After Birth Of His Second Child

Love  rat Amir Khan’s ­devastated wife confronted a beautician who slept with the boxer just 17 days after the arrival of their second child — and forgave her.

Betrayed Faryal Makhdoom texted Sophia Hammani after discovering her number on the I’m A Celebrity star’s phone.
And she said: “What a f***ing a**hole. He makes me sick. I cannot believe this man.”

Sophia, 22, admitted she had spent the night with the sleazy boxer in his hotel room after they met at a London club earlier this month.

And she said the 31-year-old former World Champion, worth £23million, left her just £20 for a cab to her home, eight miles away on the opposite side of London.

Only after returning to her flat did she make the shocking discovery that the sportsman — who she had assumed was divorced — was still married to glamorous ex-model Faryal, 26. And that he had just become a father for the second time.

Faryal, who wed Amir in 2013, had a daughter on April 24, a sister for their three-year-old girl. The boxer cheated with Sophia on May 11.

Sophia only realised the truth when she saw he had uploaded a picture of his family to Instagram, saying they were about to jet off to Pakistan to celebrate Ramadan.

She said: “He’s disgusting. He slept with me and his wife had just given birth. I nearly threw up when I saw they were still together. I felt so used.

She said: “My friend and I were on our way to the toilet when she said, ‘There’s a boxer over there’.

“I was hoping it was Anthony Joshua, he’s so hot and gorgeous. But she told me it was Amir Khan.

“As we passed them, my friend winked at him and his security guard invited us on to the table.

“Amir looked really handsome in his crisp, white shirt and he ended up sitting next to me.

“We were just enjoying the music and flirting.”
Faryal announced she was ­pregnant with Amir’s second child weeks after they briefly split
The boxer then invited her to acc­ompany the group to a shisha bar and she left with Amir and his pals.

Sophia climbed into a white Range Rover and sat in the back, with Amir reaching round from the front seat to stroke her leg.

In the shisha bar, she and Amir continued to flirt.

She recalled: “I really fancied him and he seemed lovely, to be fair.

“He was acting and talking as though he was single so I had no reason to think otherwise. We were having a great time.”

An hour later, the dad of two leaned over and whispered for Sophia to join him back at his hotel.
His security drove them to the £200-a-night Montcalm Hotel in Shoreditch, East London.

She said: “Amir walked ahead up the stairs to the room.

“I put on some music and he came out the bathroom in just his white boxers.

“He kept saying my body was insane and I was like a model.

“The next morning he was going to meetings.

“He knew I’d no money to get home and left me some before kissing me goodbye.

“It was only later when he’d left just £20 and I panicked as I knew it wasn’t enough to get me home, which came to £50.”

Sophia insists she didn’t know Amir had reconciled with his wife after the pair split up last August.
Sophia claims Amir called her later that day at around 6pm.

“He asked me if I got home safe. “Then he said, ‘Ramadan is coming up so do your own thing and I’ll be in touch when I’m back’.

“I had to stop myself saying anything about his wife — I was seething.

“I texted him later and said I knew about his wife.

“He just said to stop texting as he was with people.

“I never heard from him again.” Sophia urged Faryal to leave Amir. She added: “She needs to get a divorce, he’s gross.

“He’ll never stop cheating. “I just want to speak out because enough is enough. “Hopefully this is the final straw for Faryal.”

She added: “When Faryal got in touch, I was terrified as by then I’d read all about Amir and I thought she would be furious with me. But as the conversation went, it was a sisterly chat.

“It seems to me that she just cannot trust him.”

Amir Khan Beds Beautician in a minute 17 being After Birth Of His Second Child Amir Khan Beds Beautician in a minute 17 being After Birth Of His Second Child

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