Huddah Monroe and Zari Hassan go for each other’s neck, rekindle beef

Zari and Huddah [Photo: Courtesy]

Two of East Africa’s biggest socialites Huddah Monroe and Zari Hassan are back at the battleground once again. Throwing grenades of shade at each other and planting mines.

It seems that it only took the allure of an iPhone X to rekindle their beef and show the world how they detest each other.

The current spat started after Zari acquired an iPhone X and took to social media to flaunt it. Huddah took the opportunity to shade Zari telling her to act like a 'Boss Lady' and stop flaunting " small things".

Funny how people buy iPhone X after it came out long ago and social media can’t sleep. Some of us been suing iPhone X from the first day it came out and we don’t flaunt these small things coz we used to it. Act Like a boss! Tumia pesa ikuzoee!” Wrote Huddah.

Zari wasn’t having any of it either as she retaliated saying, “why don’t you carry on smoking your weed in silence and hawking your ***** ******** ******* to Wizkid and Jhus, everything is gravy over here.”

The two self-proclaimed boss ladies have not been seeing eye to eye since early 2016. It was not always like this, they were once-upon-a-time close friends on Snapchat.

But things went south in 2017 after Huddah claimed that Zari’s baby daddy, Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz, was public property for every lady out there can sleep with him.

When you think your man is yours kumbe(yet) he is ours. And I ate and dined with both of you. Having kids with someone to tie him down doesn’t mean he won’t leave. The little boy is public property, you order him like pizza. Don’t hate the player or the game, hate yourself, Madam!”

To which an irked Zari posted “watu na bae zetu... nyaku nyakus can’t even post their own. Told you, if he can’t claim you in public, don’t give him the goods in private. You know what that means right and I bet you know where that leaves you. Tag your bae and wish him or her a good night. #ToWhomItMayConcern

Huddah Monroe and Zari Hassan go for each other’s neck, rekindle beef Huddah Monroe and Zari Hassan go for each other’s neck, rekindle beef

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