Kenyans On Twitter Attack Reverend for saying this about Tithes


Rev Kathy Kiuna is at it again.

As usual “Mum” was spewing bible verses on her twitter when she said something about tithing that did not go down well with Kenyans on twitter yours truly included.

Here is what she tweeted.

Tithing is an obedience issue. You cannot be a tither, a sincere tither and remain poor.

— Rev Kathy Kiuna (@RevKathyKiuna) May 20, 2018


WTF! was “Mum” serious about this? that was my reaction when i saw this tweet. I am a believer but sometimes i tend to think that religion brainwashes people.

Why should i tithe obediently so “Mum” can drive a range rover worth 23 Million when i do not even have a stable job?

They lie to you that you will drive your own car and have a mansion in heaven. Smh!

Here is what Kot had to say.

1. Yes, that’s nonsense.

You are ever teaching nonsense. Sad

— Benji Ndolo (@BenjiNdolo) May 21, 2018


2. There are no mansions or cars in heaven, preach brother, preach.

True.. Why tithe for u to drive a 23milli Range Rover as get rained on waiting to drive mine in heaven. There's no Cars n Manson's in heaven.

— Dan Lugosi (@dnlugosi) May 21, 2018


3. Somebody say AMEN!

The Bible teaches me to tithe because I have been blessed, not to tithe to be blessed. A tithe is a sign of being thankful, in fact the Bible clear on this, a tithe is returning to God (because you've been blessed) and not asking from God (God is incorruptible).

— Leakey Rosasi (@LeeRosasi) May 21, 2018


4. And yet “Mum” wants us to keep giving.

Jesus dint even have land and a house.

— Nkatha ✨ (@afrosoko) May 20, 2018


5. Someone open that verse and read what it says.

4. The believers MUST know that poverty is not a result of not tithing, unless you are stating that all rich people are tithers, and then please do talk to Jesus about the old lady in Mk 12:42

Are you the people mentioned in Mk 12:40?

— Yafes Yafes (@KayamoYafes) May 20, 2018


6. When?

what have YOU done with to help the poor with your accumulated wealth instead???! when was the last time YOU visited the sick and poor and orphaned and offered them spiritual and physical help?

— Deluxe (@jmwathi26) May 20, 2018


7. This is what we call prosperity gospel.

Why only tithing?or money related preaching?You mean the Bible is all about money?

— Eric,MGH (@ngungah) May 20, 2018


8. Very sad indeed.

We can clearly see where all the tithes go to. It is very sad that you live a lavish life on account of people whom you have brainwashed with the so called 'prosperity gospel'. Let's see how much of your wealth you carry to the afterlife…

— John Ogola (@jjogola) May 22, 2018


9. This is so true.

Why there So many Churches in Slums,and Areas Dominated by the Poor than in Estates and Regions Dominated by the rich?

Funny enough most of this Pastor's are Rich and so can't live in slums.

— Julius Caesar (@Nichoduor) May 21, 2018


10. 80% of these pastors you see around are conmen.

Christ almost always walked and on one written account rode on a donkey,not a chariot,not a wagon or even a horse,but a donkey. Most pastors have at least a Lexus, and some a Rolls Royce and private jet. A good conman knows how to spin the bible to make money off the foolish

— Benard Abuga (@benabuga) May 20, 2018


11. Targets have to be meet. Lol!

Mama must hit her fiscal year target so tithe ooh tithe bring it all to the house of the lord.

— RINYE (@Kihara_John) May 21, 2018


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