Platini Admits The 1998 World Cup Was Fixed

Michel Platini might have been a wonderful footballer in his day, but he has since become a controversial figure.

His prestige and successes with the France national side propelled him to the top of UEFA for his non-playing days but has been tainted but his seedy deals with former boss Sepp Blatter. He was banned from all footballing activity after receiving and accepting a payment from Blatter, after he formed a close relationship with the controversial figure.

However, his ban was reduced to six, and then four years, with the former French midfielder - who is widely considered as one of the best players to ever grace the game - still trying to get his sentenced reduced via official procedure.

Platini might not be one of the trustworthy figures, but he has appeared frank and honest in an interview with publication He has amazingly claimed that the France 1998 World Cup was fixed, a competition where the hosts beat Brazil 3-0 in the final, after star Brazilian attacker Ronaldo fell ill before the game and Zinedine Zidane stole the show with two great goals.

Plantiti said: "When we organised the calendar, we did a little trickery. If we finished first in the group and Brazil finished first, we could not meet before the final.

Jaw-dropping. Michel Platini reveals the 1998 WC schedule was fixed so that France couldn't meet Brazil until the final; which he and his interviewer find very clever and funny.
- Philippe Auclair (@PhilippeAuclair) May 18, 2018

"We did not get bored for six years to organise the World Cup to not do some little shenanigans.

"You think that the others did not do it for their World Cup France-Brazil in the final, it was the dream of everyone."

It's a shocking revelation that means that the competition was rigged to ensure that the two sides would end up meeting in the final.

Can we trust any officiate in football anymore? What do you think? Let us know in the comment sections.

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