Serena Williams trolled for her eyebrows

Serena Williams trolled for her eyebrows

On Wednesday, Serena Williams posted a sweet selfie of her holding Alexis in a kitchen, and instead of being overcome by the cuteness of the mother-daughter shot, several commenters took it upon themselves to drag Williams’s eyebrows.

“Them eyebrows need to be brushed back!” one commenter wrote, while others added, “U realli need a wax on them brows tho,” and “I love you Venius and wonderful family. I just want them to do your eyebrows. Thats it!”

Serena Williams had revealed back in 2016 why she let her eyebrows grow bushy after she was trolled

“Everyone was making fun of my brows for a long time!” she told People Style at the time, explaining, “I let them grow out. I went a year without touching them, so everyone was making fun of me, because I wanted them to grow out like crazy. So I literally didn’t touch them for a year, and I was totally OK with it.”

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