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Sometimes I wonder why we are having issues with our biometric and we kept saying we already have it right ?

And why a hassling bike man, single or married getting killed while struggling for money and his bike gets carted away but  nobody can say we have a finger print that can be used to get the criminals to jail!
We can squander and invest in luxurious machine technology and yet we cannot afford good health machines and we have to fly so far in our private jet to fix our health issues, and we believe we are OK?
Over 20,000 unemployed graduates and youth (orphans) looking for something to live on for the day,but they feel the youths are so finger pressing and don't want to be at the farms and - they are lazy!
The believe is true! that as a good citizen of the state believed to sovereign,we must serve it with all our strength .Although some are believed to serve as servants at the corridor of the "manage it like that" order, in honour of the country and survival.
The law is quick to express itself on equality for equity because the law is just a book given a chance. It can be closed ! By Somebody.
It could be you.
It was floated one way or the other that there is a cabal or possibly a cartel believed to run things in a democratic Nigeria. 
Its time to say something one way or the other before we are forced to say something .Something like "a party happening somewhere and we can scream the name of the celebrant and still get closed out of the party for screaming sah****! "
We can do it in unity.we can do it right!
Youths can do it 


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