5 reasons why men sleep with their maids

Cases of men sleeping with their househelps (maids) are not new. Every time we hear about such but what drives men to sleep with their maids? Is it thirst or some men just love doing it with vulnerable women?

Well, below are the five most common reasons why Kenyan men sleep with their maids.

If they are attractive

Dear ladies never hire a woman who’s more attractive than you as a maid. Do not entertain a woman who wears short clothes than her age, if you happen to have such, pole sana. That’s a jezebel you’ve invited to ruin your family! Hire old women enough to be your mother.

2. Great cooks

The only way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Cook for him and you will be the happiest couple ever. And by cooking, we don’t mean mashakura. Most maids are great cooks and if he tastes his food, be sure he will want more than just serving him delicious food.

3. One who plays the role of a wife material

A maid who carries out all the chores including cleaning, ironing and serving him while you’re busy chasing your career will definitely replace you. Your hubby will sleep with her. Dear career women, don’t feel so comfortable with the maid doing all the chores, try and create time for your family sometime.

4. If you deny him sex

Some women fail to satisfy their men’s conjugal rights and if you’re one of them then be assured he will he will seek pleasure elsewhere. But before he goes out there to look for women, he will start with the maid because they are easy to lay. Some struggle with financial issues and once they’re offered money or assured that everything will be taken care of, she will give it to him. Also, be on top of your game, do some monkey styles in bed not just kufa mende.

5. Some are born cheats. Whether you cook soup in a diamond or gold pot he will still cheat. Such a man can’t keep zip his trousers

5 reasons why men sleep with their maids 5 reasons why men sleep with their maids
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