7 Things Women Who Are Confident In Bed Do Differently


Sex has its embarrassing moments, and its a very exposing act, so its natural that some women (and even men) may be shy while doing so.

Being confident in the bedroom may not come naturally to everyone. But good news, you don’t have to have a figure 8 to ooze confidence while doing the act. All that matters is that you know your body, your limits and desires, and you’re not afraid to communicate this with your significant other.

Here are 7 things women who are confident in bed do differently:

1. Get on top.

Confident women want to be in control sometimes, plus this is the best way to show off your skills and enjoy yourself.  It also reveals your body quite a bit, so it can be exposing but that’s okay.


2. They Embrace Vibrators.

Women take a bit longer than men to get there, so sometimes we need a little help and vibrators are our best bet. There’s no shame in introducing them while with your significant other, for your own pleasure. After all its not all about the guy.


3. Keep the lights on.

They let their partner worship and appreciate that temple that is their body. Men are visual creatures, so they’ll enjoy this too.



4. Dress up sexily.

While the lingerie may not stay on very long, its a great start to a steamy night.


5. Don’t compare yourself to other women he has been with.

You’re definitely different, and that’s why he wants and likes you. Confident women understand this and make sure they are simply themselves, because they can’t be anyone else.



6. Watch sexy videos with him.

It may even lead to a role play scene, a couple of giggles, and maybe even end up trying something different. Plus it shows you’re not concerned that he may be more intrigued by what’s going on in the screen.



7. Have some lube

You won’t always leak like a tap the moment he touches you, it doesn’t work like that. Instead of getting uncomfortable, make sure to have some lube nearby to help you out

7 Things Women Who Are Confident In Bed Do Differently 7 Things Women Who Are Confident In Bed Do Differently

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