9 Signs A Girl Obviously Doesn’t Like You


We’ve seen many men go crazy over women but they hardly read the sign that says, “I don’t like you”.

When a woman isn’t interested in you, she gives off very clear signs but most men fail to notice or simply ignore and later come complaining.

Here are 9 signs a lady doesn’t like you.

1. Too Busy To Be In A Relationship.

If she’s single and makes it seem like she’s a workaholic and so wouldn’t have time for a relationship, my brother, advice yourself, she doesn’t like you. No matter how busy or workaholic a woman is, she’ll make time for the man she loves.



2. Too Concerned About Your Love Life.

When you’re with her and all she wants to know is the girl in your life or your exes, the probability she doesn’t like you is very high. This is simple, if a girl likes you, she wouldn’t like to know about other women who have been in your life.



3. She Avoids Physical Contact With You.

This is a clear sign that you have to advice yourself. When she comes up with all manner of excuses just to get away from you, there is no need for you to bother having her in your life.



4. She Never Initiates.

You’re the one always doing the calling, she never texts, sometimes even when you take the effort to call her, she doesn’t answer and when she does she gives long stories as to why she couldn’t pick or reply, please advice yourself, she’s not interested.


5. She Doesn’t Like Being Alone With You.

If you ask her out and she brings a lot of friends along, then be advised, it is a clear sign she’s not interested. A girl who really likes you wouldn’t want her friends to even know she’s coming to you because she values her privacy with you. She brings her friends along only because she doesn’t want you to become too comfortable and touchy or close.


6. She Is Always Busy.

If you ask her out and she always has an excuse of being busy, then advice yourself. She’s either having to go do some errands for her mum, she has to clean her room etc. it is a clear sign. This is because a girl who really likes you is always looking forward to being with you and so no matter how busy she’s, she will always squeeze the best part for you.



7. She Talks About Other Guys.

When you’re with her and all she does is talk about other guys but you, then you should know she’s not interested and clearly telling you not to have any ideas.



8. She Hooks You Up With Her Friend.

This is the ultimate eye-opener. If she suggests her friend for you, then it is a clear sign she wants to get you off her back.



9. She Ignores You.

You call her she doesn’t pick, you see her and you call her and she tells you she will be back soon but never turns up, you don’t need us to even tell you she doesn’t like you. Get the memo already bruh.


9 Signs A Girl Obviously Doesn’t Like You 9 Signs A Girl Obviously Doesn’t Like You

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