Amber Rose causes a stir with topless photos

Former stripper and mom Amber Rose has caused a stir online with a topless photo of herself.

Amber posed with her boobs hanging out and had just a short with the inscription ‘slutwalk’ on it as the only outfit on her.

Amber who recently underwent breast reduction surgery spoke on hos scared she was before the surgery with PEOPLE.

In her words;

“I was scared that I wouldn’t feel sexy anymore, but it got to the point where I literally was in pain. It was almost as if I had, like, a heavy backpack on my chest,” Amber said. “I got my boobs when I was 14, but I would say, over the years, as my weight fluctuated, my boobs fluctuated. And, so, after I had my son, I mean, my boobs, they got bigger. They got way, way bigger. They definitely made me look older when I was a teenager, and also, I felt it made me look heavier as well because they were so big.” She went on, “They weren’t implants or anything like that, and so my back was hurting me. There was times I would just walk and just stop and be like — it would kill me.”

Amber Rose causes a stir with topless photos Amber Rose causes a stir with topless photos
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