Check out photos of Kim Jong-un’s $1.6million armor-plated Mercedes & Trump’s $15 million Beasts

Kim Jong-un has been pictured leaving the Singapore summit in his gigantic armor-plated Mercedes – after President Trump showed off his own limo nicknamed ‘the Beast’.

The North Korean dictator was driven off to the airport in the extra-long Mercedes S600 Maybach as he flew back to the hermit kingdom after signing a historic denuclearisation deal.

But although the tyrant’s car may look like a normal limousine from the outside, it is kitted out with a few very special features to make Kim feel extra-safe.

Perhaps most strangely the $1.6 million car is rumored to contain a personal toilet for the sole use of the North Korean leader.

See photos of Kim’s $1.6million Amor- Plated Mercedes below.


When, Donald Trump, USA’s 45thpresident is not in the air, you would probably find him motoring around his fleet of luxury and expensive cars. ‘Cadillac Beast’- the Presidential Limo is what Trumps ride on these days.

There are just 12 kinds of such limos in the White House presently and you may get amazed to know the manufacturing cost of sort limousines. A million dollar is the cost required and is sold in the range of $15 million.

The Presidential Limo includes almost everything a lavish limo would look and be like. Must say, those are the kinds that suit the president of one of the richest countries in the Earth. Considering the protestors seen on his inauguration day, the vehicle and Trump is safe from attacks by bullets or bombs. The car glass used is so hi-tech that they won’t even feel any bomb’s attack.

Tires used in the limousine are well-equipped with synthetic fiber which lessens the risks of them getting ruined by any means. To your surprise, the beast with the weight of 8 tons can easily be driven only with the wheel’s ring.

Cadillac Beast runs with the speed of 60miles per hour and is assembled with night vision camera, GPS tracking, and satellite communication system. The transport which was previously used by Barack Obama is prepared keeping the president’s health in mind. Oxygen cylinders and two units of Trump’s blood group too are there in the car. Trump probably is the safest person in the land, right now!

Calling this diesel-powered beast as an armored limo is an understatement and its efficiency of 8 mpg will surely not impress you. However, the president of the United States is surely in one of the safest limos in the world. God knows if the people of America are safe!

Check out photos of Kim Jong-un’s $1.6million armor-plated Mercedes & Trump’s $15 million Beasts Check out photos of Kim Jong-un’s $1.6million armor-plated Mercedes & Trump’s $15 million Beasts

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