Israel/Palestine Crisis: Muslims Protest In Abuja And Ibadan (Photos)

Muslims, in Ibadan, protest ‘wrongful occupation’ of Palestinian land by Israel

By By Saheed Salawu on June 8, 2018
SOME Muslims have staged a peaceful protest in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, against the relocation of the United States embassy to Jerusalem and what they called the continued occupation of Palestinian land by Israel.

The protesters, in their scores, carried banners bearing messages that condemned the development in the Middle East. One of the leaders of the protest, coordinator of Al-Quds Foundation, Rasheed Attah, said despite the non-recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by the United Nations, the US still went ahead to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

He said Israel had been occupying Palestinian land unlawfully and committing different atrocities against the country since 1948.

Attah called on all peace-loving people of the world and nations with sympathy for justice and human dignity to not only condemn “this act” but sanction Israel, the US and their allies.

“We hereby call on all peace-loving nations of the world, human right groups, civil liberty organisations and all justice-oriented individuals to tread the path of justice and fair play like South Africa and Turkey by calling back home their ambassadors and stopping sitting on the fence in the face of oppression, domination and state terrorism of Israeli government,” he said.

He said not only Muslims are affected by the atrocities regularly being committed by Israel and its allies but Palestinian Christians are not spared as well.

Source:- Tribuneonlineng

Israel/Palestine Crisis: Muslims Protest In Abuja And Ibadan (Photos) Israel/Palestine Crisis: Muslims Protest In Abuja And Ibadan (Photos)

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