Most Expensive Universities In Nigeria And Their Fees

Most Expensive Universities In Nigeria And Their Fees

Almost everyone who cherishes sound education will not bother to argue with saying, "quality education is always worth the investment." If you you are wondering how much private university education in Nigeria cost, checkout the 10 most expensive universities in Nigeria!

First, our selection method is based purely on tuition fees (no accommodation or meals included) for 100-level students. Second, the universities are presented from least to most expensive.

And finally, we will not be going into detail about each university’s school fees. If you want to know more, just click the name of the university to get its fee schedule.

10. Lead City University

Founded: 2005
Location: Ibadan, Oyo State
Motto: Knowledge for Self-reliance
Fees: from ₦160,000 to 625,000
This higher educational institution offers various courses in differentt of education, from Arts or Sociology to Law and Nursing Science. The most expensive subjects to study here are Law, Microbiology, Computer Sciences and Biochemistry, which all cost ₦625,000. And if that seems quite expensive to you, you have seen nothing yet.

9. Ajayi Crowther University

Founded: 2005
Location: Oyo, Oyo State
Motto: Knowledge with Probity
Fees: from ₦162,000 to 782,000
Even though it was officially opened in 2005, its history of the name of the school can be traced as far as the late 19th century. It is named after Samuel Ajayi Crowther, who was the first to translate the Bible into Yoruba language. The most expensive faculty to study in is Law, so if you want to attend Ajayi Crowther University to become a lawyer, be ready to dish out ₦782,000.

8. Bowen University

Founded: 2001
Location: Iwo, Osun State
Fees: from ₦110,000 to 810,000
This is actually the first accredited Baptist university in Nigeria. It is operated and owned by Nigerian Baptist Convention, so Christian values are very important here. Bowen University school fees have quite a wide range. For its most expensive course, Medicine and Surgery (Pre-Clinical), you will need to pay ₦810,000 only for tuition.

7. Covenant University

Founded: 2002
Location: Ota, Ogun State
Motto: Raising a New Generation of Leaders
Fees: from ₦817,500 to 882,500
Covenant University is widely known among the Nigerian public, as it was founded by Bishop David Oyedepo. It is also a leading private university in Nigeria. You can find it in Canaanland, which is the campus of Oyedepo’s church, Winners’ Chapel. The highest tuition fee at the Covenant University is for Engineering courses, as they cost ₦882,500.

6. Benson Idahosa University

Founded: 2002
Location: Benin, Edo State
Motto: Academic excellence with Godliness
Fees: from ₦341,800 to 1,179,000
The university is also known for being the only one in Africa to have an International membership with the National Academy of Inventors, U.S. Law students at BIU have to pay ₦1,179,000 as their tuition.

5. Afe Babalola University

Founded: 2009
Location: Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State
Motto: Labor for service and Integrity
Fees: from ₦200,000 to 1,250,000
This university is named after its founder Afe Babalola, a prominent entrepreneur and lawyer from Ekiti State. It consists of six colleges, which offer various academic programmes. Afe Babalola University fees have landed it precisely in the middle of our list. The most expensive Afe Babalola University school fees costs ₦1,250,000.

4. American University of Nigeria

Founded: 2004
Location: Yola, Adamawa State
Motto: Excellence, Integrity and Service
Fees: ₦1,590,000
True to its name, American University of Nigeria offers the students American-style graduate, undergraduate and professional higher education programmes. It is the only one of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa. The university was founded by the former Vice President of Nigeria Atiku Abubakar. Unlike the rest of the universities on this list, this one has one fee for all the courses it offers, and it is ₦1,590,000.

3. Pan-Atlantic University

Founded: 2002
Location: Lekki, Lagos State
Motto: -
Fees: from ₦1,850,000 to 2,050,000
The origins of this university can be traced to the Lagos Business School, which was established in 1991. Before 2013, it was known as the Pan-African University. Just from its location, you can already tell that studying at this university is not going to be cheap. The most expensive tuition fee is for the Information Science and Media Studies, which costs ₦2,050,000.

2. Baze University

Founded: 2011
Location: Abuja FCT
Motto: Learn to live
Fees: from ₦2,250,000 to 2,500,000
Our second most expensive university in Nigeria is Baze University Abuja. All of its courses cost more than ₦2 million. However, the university claims that it is half as expensive as studying abroad, and that Baze University can provide students with the same quality of education as foreign educational institutions.

1. Nile University of Nigeria

Founded: 2009
Location: Abuja FCT
Motto: Actualize your dreams
Fees: from ₦1,700,000 to 5,750,000
We have finally arrived to our number one, which is another university in Abuja. The fees at the Nile University range from ₦1,700,000 to 5,750,000, making it the most expensive private university in Nigeria.

Would you be able to study at any of the schools mentioned? Would you even be interested in? If you are currently a student, how much do you have to pay for your tuition?

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