On this 25th day of June in history, The king of pop, Michael Jackson died


Michael Jackson

Winston Churchill once wrote:


And we at Mpasho.co.ke diligently give you the things that happened on this day in history. They are below:

1928 – The Jewish community in the United States has pledged to raise $3,000,000 each year for the next 5 years to rebuild Palestine as a Jewish National Home.

Jewish flag

1938 – Problems with Native American Indian businesses using the Swastika which is an Indian symbol of good luck and predates the modern world including the use of the swastika buy the Nazi Party in Germany is causing those Indian businesses to stop displaying the sign due to people believing it stands for the Nazis.

Native American art

1947-The diary of Anne Frank is published. The Jewish girl’s account of her life in hiding from the Nazis has become a well-known work of world literature and made Anne one of the most prominent victims of the Nazi regime. She died at age 15 in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Anne Frank

1950 – Armed forces from communist North Korea smash into South Korea, setting off the Korean War which lasted until 1953. The US becomes involved as part of the United Nations effort to help South Korea repel the invasion from the North and pushes back to North Korea beyond 38th parallel into North Korean territory and following US involvement China become involved on behalf of North Korea.

Korean War

1993 -Both Canada and Turkey elect female heads of government for the first time
Kim Campbell became Canada’s and Tansu Çiller Turkey’s Prime Minister on this day. Worldwide, women in top political positions are still the exception.

Kim CambellTansu Ciller

1998 – The Algerian popular singer “Lounes Matoub” is murdered by unknown masked gunmen in a remote mountainous road in eastern Algeria. 10’s of thousands of mourners / protesters took to the streets including a large number of young protesters who clashed with riot police and attacked government property.

2005 – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, wins a landslide victory in Iran’s presidential poll. Mr Ahmadinejad is a conservative hard liner and believes that Israel does not have rights in the Middle East.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

2009 – Michael Jackson (the King of Pop) dies bringing worldwide outpourings of grief, On August 28th, the Los Angeles County Coroner reported its conclusion that Jackson’s death was a homicide caused by the combination of drugs in his body. It is expected that his personal physician, Conrad Murray was expected to be charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Michael Jackson

2010 – What was believed to be one of the last remaining large statues of former-Soviet leader Stalin to be standing in its original location was removed overnight in a secretive manner. Authorities in Gori, Georgia removed a large statue of Joseph Stalin from the square in his home town and sent it to a museum dedicated to him in the town.

Joseph Stalin Statue

2011 – New York became the sixth state in the United States to legalize same-sex marriage. The state senate approved it with a 33-29 vote in favor of a bill that had already been passed in the state’s lower house and Governor Cuomo immediately signed the bill into law. Same-sex weddings were expected to start within thirty days of the approval.
Jewish flag

On this 25th day of June in history, The king of pop, Michael Jackson died On this 25th day of June in history, The king of pop, Michael Jackson died

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