Six ways to break up with your boss in style

It doesn’t have to be ugly

You have probably realised that you two are not the best matches for each other in your love story. This doesn’t have to be ugly. Below are some of the tips you may want to employ to break up with your boss in a classy and mature way.

It personal, but don’t let it take centre stage

Ending a relationship is not easy. It’s even tougher when it’s a relationship with your boss. Be sure to avoid drama while you end things with the boss.

Be clear about why you are making this painful step. It would be much better if both of you are in agreement that this relationship does not help either of you.

Give subtle hints before you drop the bomb

You can’t just wake up one morning after a weekend getaway and decide that this relationship is heading nowhere.

If you have been feeling “off” for a while, it is good to communicate that to the other person so they know. Let them know what you’re struggling with.

That way when you get to the point of ending things, then it will be one of the things they saw coming.

Go for the perfect timing

In as much as there is no perfect timing to break up with someone, you cannot pick their birthday, or right before he gets in for a huge presentation to break the news.

Pick a slow day at the office, probably a day like Friday when you’re sure they’ll have the entire weekend to compose themselves and digest the terrible news.

Offer an explanation

Don’t be vague about your reasons for ending things. This way you have given the boss an indication of what to look out for when they get into another relationship.

Don’t offer friendship

Never break up with someone and offer them friendship instead. Let that stuff come naturally.

It is worse if some of your colleagues knew about the relationship, because then it makes things awkward at the work place especially when you all are having an afternoon office lunch out.


Do not show an attitude when it comes to dealing with the boss. It is easier said than done, but try and be professional on matters workplace.

Try as much as you can to keep things like the relationship to yourself.

That way you do not have to deal with the drama associated with breaking up when other people are in the know.

Six ways to break up with your boss in style Six ways to break up with your boss in style

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