Stay Young & Stress-Free With These 5 Tips

Stress-Free With These 5 Tips

Often times, one tends to forget to appreciate themselves and preserve their mental health and sanity, leading to mental and physical afflictions caused by stress where we find ourselves being sidetracked by our obligations, too busy to notice the beauty in the simple things in life. Sometimes, it’s imperative that we close off the world and release the negative energy

5 simple things that can be done to distress:

Listen to some spoken word, watching artists express themselves with immense conviction to tell a story, is like chicken soup for the aching soul. The beauty of listening and/or watching anything to do with spoken word is that there are numerous varieties and genres that you can pick and choose from, whether it’s listening to the likes of amateurs such as Nadia Nguru express her feelings on her journey of self-love, or witnessing artists like Jaaziyah empower crowds through the power of the voice.

This is one of my favourite things to do to distress as you can literally get up and stretch wherever you are. Albeit, you might acquire strange glances from fellow coworkers if you opted to suddenly pop a squat or bend over in the office. The best part about stretching is it allows you to stay young considering it forces you to maintain flexibility, giving you the upper hand as you’re less likely to start complaining of aching joints and body parts

Try hot/cold showers. As frightening as this may sound for many, especially during this chilly Nairobi weather, showering with both hot and cold water can be extremely beneficial in eradicating stress. During a shower, it is best to first shower with hot water, then switch to cold water-continuing this cycle for 2-3 times during a shower. For those who are looking for a way to achieve the same effect but don’t have too much time to waste in the shower, you can alternatively enjoy your hot shower then during the last minute of your shower, switch off the hot water and let your muscles relax under the chilling embrace of the cold water.

If you’re in the mood for a more cathartic form of releasing stress then writing down your thoughts and tearing them into small pieces would be the best option for you. Writing allows you to express yourself in silence and it provides you with the opportunity to share your inner most feelings on a person or object, without actually having to engage in office or classroom mushene. The most freeing part about this technique is that you get to tear up whatever you have written, freeing you from the burden of having to concentrate on one particular issue.

Imagine the situation you are in happening in black and white. For instance, if you are talking to someone and they happen to be saying something particularly unpleasing, you can always try and imagine the situation you are in being in black and white, this can be particularly helpful when you are engaged in an altercation with someone of seniority, eg a supervisor.

Stay Young & Stress-Free With These 5 Tips Stay Young & Stress-Free With These 5 Tips

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