7 Simple Ways To Always Rock A Clean Classy Look


You don’t have to be rich to look classy. All you have to do  is be simple.

Follow these 7 steps religiously and you’ll look effortlessly classy always.

1. Work with black and white outfits.

If you’re not a fashionista, but still want to look good. Stick to plain black and white outfits, that are safe, but still make an impression.

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2. If you must do colors, make sure they are plain, without patterns or too many designs.

Unless you know how to work with them. Even if patterns are there, make sure you are also wearing something plain to make up for it.


3. Wear high shoes every chance you get.

Make sure they are one plain color, simple and high. Whether it’s high boots, high heels, etc. This is because high shoes makes you taller, more confident, and look more classy.


4. Wear minimal jewelry.

Make sure your jewelry is gold or silver, both work well on dark skinned women. Get one or two nice watches, chains, bracelets, rings, and earrings that’ll make a huge difference.


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5. In particular, get beautiful gold and/or silver hoop earrings.


6. Hold your hair neatly up or back.


7. Always rock a bold lip, and good eyebrows.

Also put a bit of eye makeup, but don’t overdo it with makeup though. Less is more.


7 Simple Ways To Always Rock A Clean Classy Look 7 Simple Ways To Always Rock A Clean Classy Look

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